What is Comedo Naevus?

Acne naevus


Causes of Comedo Naevus

Clinical Features





Comedo naevus, also referred to as naevus comedonicus, is an uncommon, benign cutaneous anomaly characterized by clustered, dilated follicular openings containing soft, dark keratin resembling comedones. It’s believed to originate either from pilosebaceous follicles or as an epidermal naevus involving hair follicles. While typically solitary, some cases may be part of a syndrome presenting with skeletal, central nervous system, ocular, and other cutaneous abnormalities.

Who Gets Comedo Naevus?

This epidermal naevus is rare, with about half of cases presenting at birth and the remainder before the age of 10. While there are no sex or ethnic differences, adult onset has been reported, often triggered by trauma or dermatoses like herpes zoster or lichen planus.

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