Treatment of Discoid eczema

Discoid eczema






Treatment strategies for discoid eczema aim to restore skin barrier function and manage inflammation. Protective measures to prevent skin injury, frequent application of emollients, and avoidance of allergens are fundamental. Anti-inflammatory interventions include topical steroids, antibiotics for infected lesions, oral antihistamines for itching, phototherapy, intralesional steroids for stubborn lesions, and systemic steroids for severe cases. Additionally, medications like methotrexate, azathioprine, or ciclosporin may be prescribed under close dermatological supervision for persistent and refractory cases.

Self-care measures, including meticulous skin care, avoidance of irritants, lukewarm baths, refraining from scratching, and adherence to prescribed treatments, complement medical interventions. Emollients, soap substitutes, topical corticosteroids, antibiotics, and antihistamines constitute primary pharmacological treatments.

Consultation with healthcare providers is recommended for unresolved symptoms or suspected infections to prevent complications and ensure appropriate management.

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