Topical Steroids

– Keep your skin clean.
– Avoid using soaps, bubble baths, and shower gels.
– Use the creams your doctor gave you to keep your skin moisturized.
– Use the prescribed topical steroid (cream or ointment applied directly to the skin) on the red, inflamed areas until they calm down, then stop using it.

Topical steroid treatment

Topical steroid treatment

– Put on your topical steroid after using your moisturizer.
– Rub the steroid on all the red and inflamed areas until they look shiny.
– Measure the amount using the fingertip unit. Creams soak in fast, ointments take longer.
– The skin might look redder right after applying the steroid.
– Yellow crusts might mean an infection. Get advice from your doctor.
– Always wash your hands before and after using the steroid to prevent spreading it.
– Use the fingertip unit to measure the right amount of steroid.
– Don’t use too little or too much. Follow your doctor’s instructions.
– Stop using the steroid when the inflammation clears. Use moisturizer daily to prevent flare-ups.


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