Knowing When to Say Goodbye to Your Makeup and Sunscreen

Have you ever wondered when it’s time to bid farewell to your makeup and sunscreen?

Dermatologists suggest it’s crucial to replace these products before you reach the bottom of the container for the sake of your health.

Cosmetics Have a Shelf Life

While it might be tempting to use your makeup until it’s completely gone, cosmetics break down over time. With each use, germs can accumulate on the product. When this happens, your makeup is no longer at its best – it’s essentially old makeup.

Recognizing Signs to Toss Your Makeup

If you can’t recall when you first used a cosmetic, figuring out when to toss it becomes tricky. Additionally, if you’ve kept makeup for a while before opening it, watch out for signs of spoilage. Dr. Spearman suggests discarding products that:

– Start to clump, like mascara or eyeliner

– Change in consistency, such as a foundation that separates

– Crumble or fall apart, like powder eyeshadow or blush

– Emit a bad smell – Look dry and flaky or runny

– Have changed color

– Feel different on your skin

Healthy Habits for Prolonging Makeup Life To make the most of your makeup’s recommended lifespan, follow these dermatologist-recommended habits:

– Store your cosmetics in a dry, clean space at room temperature, away from direct sunlight.

– Wash your hands and face before applying makeup.

– Never share makeup applied directly to your skin, eyelashes, or used with a brush or sponge.

– Securely replace all caps and lids after each use.

– Use clean makeup brushes and sponges. Remember, taking care of your makeup and recognizing when it’s time to part ways can contribute to both your beauty routine and overall well-being.


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