Facial lines and wrinkles

Facial lines and wrinkles






Skin aging is characterized by the appearance of wrinkles, lines, and furrows, influenced by genetic predispositions, skin phototype, and environmental exposures. Dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons frequently utilize Glogau’s classification to describe these aging changes:

• Mild: Few wrinkles, minimal or no makeup needed.
• Moderate: Early wrinkling, sallow complexion, little makeup required.
• Advanced: Persistent wrinkling, skin discoloration, visible blood vessels, actinic keratoses; makeup often used.
• Severe: Pronounced wrinkling and furrows, actinic keratoses; makeup used but may not conceal aging signs.

The Fitzpatrick classification categorizes facial lines around the mouth and eyes:

• Class I: Fine wrinkles.
• Class II: Fine to moderately deep wrinkles.
• Class III: Fine to deep wrinkles, numerous lines, possibly redundant folds.

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