Dermatologists’ Tips for Healthy Piercings

To ensure a trouble-free experience with your new piercing, follow these simple tips from board-certified dermatologists. Whether it’s an earlobe piercing or another body piercing, proper care is essential to prevent issues like infections or premature closure.

Choose Wisely

– Select a qualified piercer in a licensed studio for a safe piercing experience.

Aftercare Routine

– Leave your jewelry in for at least six weeks, even during the night, to prevent premature closure.
– Keep it clean by washing hands before touching, using a mild, fragrance-free cleanser at least once daily, and thorough rinsing afterward.
– Avoid hydrogen peroxide or antibacterial soaps, as they can harm the healing skin.
– Use a squeeze tube of petroleum jelly to keep the piercing moist for faster healing.

Monitor Your Piercing

– Regularly check for signs of infection, such as soreness, redness, or yellowish discharge.
– If issues persist, consult an expert dermatologist promptly.
– Watch for raised skin around the piercing, which could indicate a keloid scar.

These straightforward steps will help you enjoy your new piercing while minimizing the risk of complications.


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