Dealing with Skin Cysts

Skin cysts typically require no treatment if they pose no issues. However, intervention might be advised under certain circumstances, like:

– Having an infected skin cyst, where antibiotics may be prescribed.

– Dealing with a sizable, painful cyst that disrupts daily life; for instance, a head cyst causing discomfort during hair brushing.

Etiology of Skin Cysts

The origins of skin cysts are not always discernible, as they can affect individuals across diverse demographics. However, certain predisposing factors may increase the likelihood of developing a skin cyst, including:

– A familial history of cysts, with a notable emphasis on pilar cysts.

– Advancing age, particularly during middle adulthood.

– Female gender.

– Presence of acne.

– Occurrence of rare conditions, such as Gardner syndrome.

It’s imperative to note that skin cysts are non-cancerous, and their transmission does not occur through contact with an affected individual.

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