Caring for Your Nails

Nail issues are often not serious. Common problems include brittle or loose nails that may change in color or shape.

It’s natural for nails to evolve

– Thicken or become more brittle with age.
– Experience changes during pregnancy, returning to health within six months postpartum.
– Change color, loosen, or fall off after an injury; fingernails usually regrow within six months, while toenails may take up to 18 months.

To maintain healthy nails


– Wear rubber gloves when hands are frequently in water or using cleaning products.
– Clean nails with a soft brush.
– Regularly apply hand cream to nails and fingertips.
– Trim nails regularly, preferably after a shower or bath.
– Cut injured or loose nails back to where they are still attached for normal regrowth.


– Avoid cutting nails down the edges; trim straight across the top to prevent ingrown toenails.
– Avoid cleaning under nails with sharp objects.
– Avoid tight shoes, especially during exercise.
– Avoid biting or picking nails and surrounding skin.
– Address fungal infections promptly, such as athlete’s foot.


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