Nail disorders/care

Caring for Your NailsNail disorders/care

Caring for Your Nails

Nail issues are often not serious. Common problems include brittle or loose nails that may change in color or shape. It’s natural for nails to evolve – Thicken or become more brittle with age. – Experience changes during pregnancy, returning to health within six months postpartum. – Change color, loosen, or fall off after an injury; fingernails usually regrow within six months, while toenails may take up to 18 months. To maintain healthy nails Do: – Wear rubber gloves when hands are frequently in water or using cleaning products. – …
Reasons for nail issuesNail disorders/care

Reasons for nail issues

Most nail problems happen because – Hurting or chewing your nails – Coloring your nails, like from smoking or using lots of nail polish – Not trimming your nails regularly or cutting them strangely – Often having your hands in water or cleaning substances – Getting a fungal nail infection Nail problems might also show a bigger or lasting problem, such as – Psoriasis – Not enough iron in your blood (iron deficiency anemia) – A thyroid that’s not active enough or too active – Diabetes – Heart, lung, or …